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日本語・英語 言語交換ネットワーク in 世界 for 有資格者     Worldwide English, Japanese Language Exchange Network for the qualified people

構 成   Members


*英語を母国語、公用語として日本語能力試験(JLPT)N1、N2 級有資格者


The Japanese members to be registered should be STEP 1st Graders,

 STEP Pre-First Graders or equivalent qualification holders whose mother

 language is Japanese.

The overseas members to be registered should be JLPT N1, JLPT N2

 qualification holders whose mother language is English or whose official

 language is English .

 The members to be registered should be eager to aquire the language skills

 further on line.

 No money is needed to be registered.

目 的   Purposes




   Practice and support in the English or Japanese learning with 4 balanced language skills

       in Members' areas by Members.   

     Ex.) Free English Learning Society, Onomichi



  Introduction and exchange of Japanese and various cultures in each country. 



     Support for introduction and mediation in translation or interpretation work among 




      Mutual information exchange and friendship promotion among Members as well as

   introduction of new qualified people.

   Information on qualification test and language test
   Information on translation and interpretation work
   Information on education (free, charged, volunteer) 
   Suggestions to improve this network



      Support for foreigners living in each area, country by Members  

       Mutual information exchange and friendship promotion between foreigners 

   in each area, country and Members 

登録者の概要  General information about Members

現在、英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本 には約70名の日本人が登録されています。



About 60 Japanese have been registered in STEP 1st Graders' (& Equiv.) Network in Japan

Many of them would like to support you with your learning Japanese and to enjoy English Japanese language exchange.

Your registration from the English-speaking world and the areas where English is an official language is welcomed.   

お問い合わせ  Inquiry


For further information, please send your e-mails with your family name and living country,  which is limited to those who agree to the above written purposes and  ideas.



Regarding the registration procedures, no money or no goods are necessary. But you are

 supposed to introduce yourself and describe your passion to be registered on this Network .

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

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