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Greetings by Karl T. Kamamoto, head of Office KTK

Karl T. kamamoto
Karl T. kamamoto

We thank you for your visit to us, the website of Office KTK.  


Office KTK was established as KEC Inc. in 1977 after the oil shocks and started its private preparatory school for English and English conversation with the technical translation service in 1979. The representative, Mr. Karl T. Kamamoto, has been registered as a court interpreter at Hiroshima Bar association since 1993. The name of KEC Inc. was changed to Office KTK this time on September 1, 2012.


Karl Kamamoto had been working for TOYOB Co., Ltd. as a chemical (dyeing) researcher before the establishment of KEC Inc. and has been engaged in the Japanese - English translation, interpretation work and the business consulting making use of his own experience of electricity saving technology development.


We are determined to work on giving the best service to support the customers' businesses and to start new businesses to meet the needs of the times from now on as well. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

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Record of Karl T. Kamamoto's business life

Career history of Karl T. Kamamoto

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The same by pictures is here.

Year                   Month             Footsteps

September, 1976

Retired from TOYOBO Co., Ltd. at the age of 29, where I was engaged in textile dyeing and finishing as a researcher at Takatsuki Laboratory.

Studied at San Diego State University.

March, 1977

Established English & English Conversation institute.

March ,1979

Added the technical translation department. 

June, 1982

Interpreter's work for Chicago Tribune in Hiroshima 

(The article of Hiroshima Remembered was published on August 6, 1982)

April, 1983

English conversation instructor for Sogo

July, 1987

Oral testing examiner for nation wide English Proficiency Test

July, 1990

Added the international business department and started making and supporting. Cebu factory operation by TOWA.

August, 1993

Court interpreter of Hiroshima Bar Association.

International technology adviser for Hiroshima Prefecture
June, 1994

Started developing the electricity saving technology of SOD (switch on demand) for information related machines (analogue machines) .

August, 1996

Radio personality and program manager for FM Fukuyama 

January, 1999

CATV caster and program manager for Onomichi Cable Television Co., Ltd.

March, 1999

Director and a radio station master for FM Onomichi

February, 2002

Transferred SOD technology to NTT-AT for joint marketing.

January, 2005

Started developing the technology of Telephone Lock System.

Augusut, 2005

Published the e-book on SOD

January, 2006

Adviser of JETRO Hiroshima

May, 2007

Adviser of Seiran Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)

April, 2008

Started African project

January, 2010

Started developing the smart SOD

March, 2011

Consultant for the environment ODA

July, 2011

Published  the e-book on how to get English skills in Japan

April, 2012

Presided over Sunflower Music Festival in Onomichi (volunteer activity)

April, 2013

Lecturer of carrier drill course, Onomichi University

Restarted free English learning gathering in Minari (volunteer activity)

April, 2014

Started "i V-Chat Japanese" language lessons

Sept., 2015

Started Online English learning support for Japanese to pass EIKEN test.

April, 2016

Started Guest House KTK

Sept., 2016

Opened 2nd English learning gathering in Kubo (volunteer activity)

March, 2017

Nov., 2017

Finished Translation work for Malaysian patrol vessel

Finished translation work for Thailand LPG tanker

Jan. 2019 

Opened the evening course of  free English learning gathering in Minari (volunteer activity)

Opened STEP 1st Graders' Network in Japan 

                                               STEP: Society for Testing English Proficiency 

Prizes awarded
  • Energy Conservation Award in January 1977 for SOD
  • Excellent New Products & Technologies in April 2001 for SOD
  • Grand Invention Award in February 2002 for SOD   

Certificate of


  • 25 year-long examiner for the Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc.


  • A grade / United Nations Official Language Proficiency Test, English.
  • 835 / TOEIC ( Test of English for International Communication )
  • 1st grade small ship pilot 


  • Classic guitar playing, canoeing
  • Member of Alhambra Guitar Club 2009 - 2014, 2018 - )
  • Member of Sora Guitar Ensemble  (2014 - 2017)
  • More pictures and videos of the hobbies are here.



  • Director of Hiroshima International Exchange Association 
  • Member of Onomichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
  • Member of Onomichi New Business Gathering 
  • Director of Hiroshima Create Plaza
  • Member of Onomichi Sightseeing Association 

 Itemized career table    Click the picture for the enlarged PDF file.

The year of 2019 is the 43th anniversary of my own business life after I stopped working for a company at the age of 29 and I have made the above table. Basically I have tried to make good use of what I gained and/or learned in the past to the new ones.
The year of 2019 is the 43th anniversary of my own business life after I stopped working for a company at the age of 29 and I have made the above table. Basically I have tried to make good use of what I gained and/or learned in the past to the new ones.

I got interviewed in 2007 by NHK on how to live from now on as one of baby boomers after the World War Second. 

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