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2021年05月01 (ESS-E, No. 52)

本日のタイトルは 「Japan Celebrates Golfer’s Victory at the Masters.」でした。


May 1, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 52)

Today's reading and talking topic was 'Japan Celebrates Golfer’s Victory at the Masters.'

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the outdoor sports and/or activities have attracted attention. All the members shared the experiences of them besides playing golf. 

2021年04月22 (ESS-M, No. 166) 

今日の話題は The lowdown on laughter- from boosting immunity to releasing tensionでした。笑いが免疫力を高め、緊張緩和にも役立つ、という内容ですが、悪い副作用もなく大切にしたいものです。


April 22, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 166)

'The lowdown on laughter- from boosting immunity to releasing tension.' is today's reference. As is said in the title, laughter has no bad side-effects and we would like to keep it.

We members showed our laughing memories and laughed much more this time than usual.  

2021年04月17 (ESS-E, No. 51)

本日のタイトルは 「The CDC's Guidelines on Vaccinated Americans Traveling、ワクチン接種アメリカ人旅行者に関する疾病管理予防センターのガイドライン」でした。


April 17, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 51)

Today's reading and talking title was 'The CDC's Guidelines on Vaccinated Americans Traveling'

Amid Japan' delay in COVID-19 vaccination, the members expected it would be earlier. talking about their traveling plans in the near future. 

2021年04月08 (ESS-M, No. 165) 

今日の話題は Great Outdoors Is ‘Great Escape’ During Coronavirus Crisis で、先日4月3日のイブニングコースと同じようにコロナウイルスによる世界的な影響につてでした。


April 8, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 165)

'Great Outdoors Is ‘Great Escape’ During Coronavirus Crisis.' was today's reading and talking topic, which was the similar one as that at ESS-Evening session on April 3 because both are the topic about the influence by COVID-19.

The number of the people who enjoy the outdoor activities and sports have been increased a lot, they reported. 

2021年04月03 (ESS-E, No. 50)

本日のタイトルは Why we're obsessed with cosy living more than ever?、なぜ私たちはこれまで以上に居心地の良い生活にむちゅうになっているのか、でした。



April 3, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 50)

Today's reading and talking title was 'Why we're obsessed with cosy living more than ever?'.

The article prepared for reading and talking says this is a global trend during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is natural we want to make more comfortable the places to spend more time than before because of the repeated lockouts.   

2021年03月11 & 25 (ESS-M, No. 163 & 164) 




March 11 & 25, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 163 & 164)

We had two consecutive meetings, talking about yusanbako (junket box), traditional wooden lacquered products manufactured in Tokushima prefecture. 

The members showed the old pleasant memories of picnics, Doll Festival and so on.

2021年03月06 (ESS-E, No. 49)




March 6, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 49)

'Relief and concern as Osaka, Nagoya and other large cities prepare for end of emergency' was today's title of the learning reference.

We talked about members' scheduled activities, expectation on vaccines, outlooks from now on and so on.

Our behaviors continue to matter because there are may uncertainties about the corona viruses.

2021年02月25 (ESS-M, No. 162) 


今日は尾道ESS (無料英会話道場)のMCをさせて頂きました. 私が選んだ記事について話し合いました-"これが終わったら最初にやることは何ですか?".
答えは圧倒的に人間のつながりについて-パンデミックの後, 私は実際に離れて暮らす家族を見たい. 親戚の集まりを開催したい. 観客の前でパフォーマンスを見せたい. または旅行について. 国から出たい. 海外のセカンドハウスに戻りたい.
反対側には別のアイデアがあった. 現在を大切にする必要があります. 将来の目標をとても熱心に考えると, 私たちは今の瞬間を時間の無駄と考えるかもしれない. 私たちはそれに集中すべきだ. 今すぐ幸せを見つける必要がある. 漢字では′′自粛期間jisyuku kikan 😣 ′′は隔離期間を意味します. ′′自祝期間jisyuku kikan 🎉 ′′になるはず... 自分たちの期間を祝う.


私たちはこの見えないトンネルの終わりに光が現れることを願っています. でも, 毎日の分のを噛み締めることも大切だと確信しています.

February 25, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 162)

As follows is a comment by Toda's MC.

Today I was able to be the MC for 尾道ESS (無料英会話道場)English Speaking Society in Onomichi. We discussed an article that I chose—“What’s The First Thing You’ll Do When This is Over?”.
The answers are overwhelmingly about human connections— After the pandemic I want to see my family living apart in person. I want to hold my relative gathering. We want to show our performance in front of the audience. Or about traveling. I want to get out of my country. I want to go back to my second house abroad.
On the other side we had another idea. We need to value the present. Thinking of future goals so eagerly, we might regard our current moment as a waste of time. We should be concentrating on it. We need to find happiness now. In Chinese characters “ 自粛期間 jisyuku kikann😣” means quarantined period. It should be “自祝期間 jisyuku kikann🎉”, celebrating ourselves period.


We hope the light will appear at the end of this unfathomable tunnel. But it is also important to savor every minute of every day, I’m sure.😊👍


2021年02月20 (ESS-E, No. 48)




February 20, 2021

Valentine’s Day in the COVID-19 pandemic:

Today's topic at the evening session of Onomichi Free English Learning Society was ‘How has pandemic affected Japan’s chocolate budget for Valentine’s Day.’

All the participating members talked about their sweet or bitter memories in the past.

How about you?

Malaysian Researchers Make Drones From Pineapple Leaves
Malaysian Researchers Make Drones From Pineapple Leaves

2021年02月06 (ESS-E, No. 47)

February 06, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 47)
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are getting more and more important.
Today we picked up the example in Malaysia, where they work on increasing the farmers' income as well as developing a new technology.
We talked about our own examples whose key words are recycling, reusing, remaking or reducing.

2021年01月28 (ESS-M, No. 161) 


January 28, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 161)
Australia Day:
This was a talking topic at Onomichi ESS morning today on January 28, which has been prepared by Ms. Tina McCarthy, a MC of the day.
We could learn a lot about Australia, which has a complicated history and is now an open country to many immigrants from various countries.

2021年01月14 (ESS-M, No. 160) 

2021年01月16 (ESS-E, No. 46)

January 14, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 160)
January 16, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 46)
‘Oldest person in world from west Japan aged 117 to join 2021 Olympic torch relay’ was the discussing and reading topic at the first morning regular meeting of Onomichi ESS in 2021 held on Jan. 14th.
This English learning meeting started the yearly series of meetings in 2021 online with a new member and a regular member from Melbourne attended. The article has encouraged us to keep our good health.
Another regular English learning meeting in the evening started on Jan. 16 with the discussing topic of New Year’s resolutions in 2021.
We all wish Covid-19 pandemic be over as soon as possible to have the in-person meetings again.