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Technology transfer

The SOD technology, the switching technplogy using the telephone line net, in the following table can be transfered.

The SOD technplogy can be transfered unconditionally to any mutually trusted group, compny and person.

Please contact us using the following mailing form.


It is my idea that the technologies regarding human life and environment protection should not be monopolized to make them contribute to the humankind and our society more widely.


Then my own development of the switching technplogy using the telephone line net has been possible to be transferred for nothing and this policy was written in the very last part of my own writing in 2005.


This technology has been used for,

1. SOD to stop the standby electricity consumption,

2. the remote locking system by telephone,

3. the remote watching system by TV and,

4. the prevention system of emergency (grandparent) scams.

Please feel free to make use of this switching technplogy using the telephone line for you own product development.


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