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Technology introduction, What is SOD?

SOD (Switch on demand) technplogy was firlstly developed to save 100 % of the power drain of  facsimile machines in 1994 and the SOD products were started being manufactured in the following year of 1995.

Since then the technological improvemnt has been made many times and now the present computerized SOD technplogy can be applied for any kind of electric appliances to save their powr drain.

The following table shows the history of SOD technology development and SOD products.

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The above is covered by NHK ( the largest nation-wide TV network in Japan) .

The other 9 coverages by commercial television networks are listed here. 

Super SOD stops the power supply automatically 5 minutes after you switch off your TV, which makes the stand-by power consumption ZERO.  

This attached newspaper article in Japanese dated on September 7, 2015 says that about 5 % of the national electricity consumption could be saved.
In Japan, the household sector consumes 400 billion kWh per year and the wasted standby electricity volume is 20 billion kWh per year, which is as much as two atomic power stations can generate.
The answer to this problem is the technology that stops the power source 5 minutes after the electric appliances are switched of. The device is “Super SOD” of my own development.