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Challenge to things against common knowledge, Message from the develper

As all of you know that no animal, no plants, no machine, no equipment grows or works without energy, which is a common knowledge. 


But SOD works without any power when monitoring or working though it is against the common knowledge. 


Then zero power consumption by a SOD plus zero power consumption by the SOD connected machine like a fax machine makes only zero while standing by. 


It is quite easy to stop power consumption of electric appliances like a fax machine or other machines if they are connected to the power saving devices that consume power all the time. But as a whole (a power saving device + an electric machine), the total power consumption can never be zero. 


In this point, SOD is quite different from other power saving devices that needs power.

As a developer of SOD, I would like you to understand this innovative part or aspect of SOD technology, which is that SOD consumes no power when monitoring (working to detect) the signal through the telephone line.


As a result, SOD has been awarded three big prizes including Energy Conservation Grand Prize and got offered its tecnplogy transfer to NTT-AT. 

Eight TV coverage movies above have been uploaded HERE in Japanese。 Please have a look at them and send any message using the following e-mail format. 

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