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Travelling Areas & Information on Websites

All these cities can be seen on a day (or two) trip from Onomichi.

For further information about each city on the websites, please click the city names.

Hiroshima  Okayama  Onomichi  Matsue  Imabari


Traveling routes to each city are here.

Followings are the introduction of Onomichi by foreign & domestic medias.

One of the world's most incredible bike routes

from Onomichi by CNN

The changing view of Onomichi town

by The Japan Times

Navigator in Onomichi

10 DEC 2015 

by Thai TV 


Travel Onomichi City | Its Loveliness and Quaintness

by Jona Branzuela Bering 


Kosanji Temple, Beautiful Onomichi

Cuatro formas de disfrutar del puerto oriental de Onomichi
by Miguel Tamayo Guevara,      EL NORTE, Mexico

Four reasons you need to visit the Japan heritage city of Onomichi by Japan Info

Onomichi City,  "Japan Heritage" for "A Miniature Garden City from the Middle Ages" 

Onomichi sightseeing video of THE 3D CITY ONOMICHI (English ver.)

Exploring around Dogo hot spring, one of the 52 place to go in 2015 by the New York Times.

Mt. Fuji and Shimanami cycling road in Onomichi are two major must-go spots for Thai cyclists, commented by H. Horigome.

Google Street View in Onomichi

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