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過剰生産 Overproduction









The overproduction of electric vehicles by China has recently become a hot topic.

China's overproduction of steel has been a problem in the past.

Developed countries have also caused many overproduction problems, such as in shipbuilding and home appliances and others.

The problem of overproduction has been a common problem for mankind since the Industrial Revolution.

The root cause of these problems is the selfishness and egotism of people and nations.

The problem of overproduction is not limited to industrial products, but also to food products. It is well known that the production of meat is a major environmental burden.

It is only recently that we have witnessed the hammering down of vast numbers of looms to break the textile market depression caused by overproduction, and the early disposal of usable automobiles under the guise of replacement.

The repercussions and payback for these self-serving and ungodly actions are sure to come, and are already being seen around the world.