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石丸伸二氏、東京都知事選立候補者 Mr. Shinji Ishimaru, a candidate for Governor of Tokyo








He is the former mayor of Akitakaa City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

I visited the city a few months ago and found it to be a nice, peaceful place.

Despite Mr. Ishimaru's achievements and dramatic reforms, including financial restructuring, he resigned after only one term because he was unable to deal with the old local council members, who were old-fashioned and could not even utilize computers.

A graduate of Kyoto University, a rarity in the countryside, he returned to his hometown to become mayor when the previous mayor was found guilty of electoral fraud, but the old council members ousted this capable mayor as a result.

After he became mayor, his official YouTube channel saw a dramatic increase in subscribers. With over 260,000 subscribers, he has surpassed even the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and become the top local government in Japan

It is a waste for Aki Takata City and Hiroshima Prefecture to lose a talented person, but it is a better choice for Shinji Ishimaru, who has a bright future ahead of him. I hope that he will do well in the gubernatorial election, and I hope that he will throw a stone at the current stagnant situation in Japan.

It is a sad phenomenon that candidates without the basic qualities of a chief executive are appearing all over the country in the wake of populism, making wrong use of medias and/or the media related persons.