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ブルーゾーンズ(本)、エミー賞と友人 Emmy Awards for BLUE ZONES and friends

音楽のグラミー賞、映画のアカデミー賞、演劇のトニー賞と並ぶアメリカの4大エンターテイメント賞の1つで、テレビ番組における世界最高峰の賞として知られています。 いわばアカデミー賞のテレビ版とも言うべきこの賞は、ノミネートされるだけでもその栄誉が称えられるほどです。





The Emmy Awards are one of the four major entertainment awards in the United States, along with the Grammy Awards for music, the Academy Awards for movies, and the Tony Awards for theater. The Emmy Awards are the world's most prestigious awards for television programs, and are the television version of the Academy Awards.

This time, “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zone” (Netflix) has been selected as one of the award-winning films.

My longtime friend, who is a retired surgeon, told me before that his younger sister, a retired anesthesiologist, has been interviewed in the book.  

She is a retired doctor and, and coming to Japan this fall with her son, an active University professor, and they would like to see me too, I am going to show them around Hiroshima and Onomichi.


Perhaps not surprisingly, since they enjoy a healthy longevity, they are interested in Tachibana Village, once the longest-lived village in Japan.