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ギターと映画音楽 (3) Guitar and Movie Music (3)





なお、今日は、午後から朴 葵姫 ギター・リサイタル「ポポロでバッハを弾く」(写真参照)に行きます。

12.「モーツアルトのセレナード」 by モーツアルト

13.「喝采」 by ちあき・なおみ

14.「シクラメンのかほり」 by 小椋佳)及び布施明

15.「アルハンブラの思い出」 by F. タレガ、他のクラシックギター曲多数

This is the last one, the third in a series of posts since the day before yesterday.

In between practicing the 11 movie music pieces I introduced yesterday and the day before, I have been mixing in practice of the following ones, although they are not movie music.

I have been practicing classical guitar music such as “Memories of the Alhambra” since I was in my 20s. ・・・・

Some of the classical guitar pieces have been uploaded to You Tube. (

In addition, we are going to a guitar recital “Playing Bach on the Popolo” by Kyuhee Park in the afternoon today. (See the attached picture.)

12. “Mozart's Serenade” by Mozart

13. “Kassai” by Chiaki Naomi

14. “Cyclamen no kahori” by Ogura Kei and Fuse Akira

15. “Memories of the Alhambra” by F. Tarrega and many other classical guitar pieces