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三ヶ国を結んだ月例会  Monthly meeting connecting three countries

「英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク(E1N) in 日本」(*)の6月開催の第36回月例会は日本、アメリカ(ヒューストン)、フランス(パリ)の3地域を結んだ初めての国際月例会になりました。




1. 皆さんの近況報告

2. とあるソフトウェア開発現場での英語力向上の取り組み

3. 我が家の男子高生のアメリカ交換留学事情

4. 次回MC決定



The 36th monthly meeting of the Eiken Level 1 (& Equivalent) Network in Japan (E1N) in June was the first international monthly meeting connecting Japan, the United States (Houston), and France (Paris).

(The meeting is held on the second Sunday of every month for one hour from 8:00 p.m. Japan time.)

Each meeting is chaired by a member in turn, and the prepared agenda and participants' comments are posted on the website dedicated to the meeting.

For your information, the contents of the June 8 meeting were as follows.

1. Everyone's recent status report

2. An initiative to improve English language skills at a software development site

3. A report on our high school boy's exchange program in the U.S.

4. Decision of the next MC

For me, the monthly meeting is very stimulating and informative.