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1.  10年以上を経過したベランダの雨漏り修理、

2.  現在テスト中の太陽光発電&蓄電システム(小型)の回転・角度変更台座の製作、

3.  雑木燃焼簡易ストーブの製作、

4.  ベッドの修理




This year, DIY is still an essential part of maintaining and improving our daily living environment.

In the first half of this year, I have

1.  repaired a leaky balcony that is more than 10 years old,

2.  made a rotating and angle-changing pedestal for a small solar power generation and storage system that we are currently testing,

3.  made a wood-burning simple stove,

4.  repaired a bed.

The materials I use are basically reused materials I have used in the past, and tools are the ones I have purchased so far. We try to buy as few new materials as possible.


I use an electric grinder to sharpen the blades of electric pruning clippers and saws before I work using them and try not to buy new ones as less times as possible.