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MDF家具の修理 Repair of furniture using MDF





MDF (Medium Density Fiberboardis a board made of wood chips that have been finely processed and molded with a synthetic resin. The surface of MDF furniture is covered with very thin decorative laminate board, giving it the appearance of solid wood.

MDF has its advantages and disadvantages, but it does not maintain its quality for 100 years like solid wood, and its useful life is probably about 20 years.

The bed my child used about 40 years ago was also made of MDF, and most of the joints were held in place with hardware using bolts and nuts. Sure enough, the metal fittings and the boards at the joints lost strength with age, and the joints came loose, so I removed them and repaired them with metal fittings at different angles. (It does not look good, but it is not visible from the outside).

In this case, it could have been discarded and incinerated, but things can be made to last even longer and used with ingenuity.