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そして、2年間の2022627日 東京新聞のレバノンに関する見出しは以下の通りです。





Lebanon is the country where former Nissan president Carlos Ghosn fled five years ago.

And two years on, June 27, 2022, the Tokyo Shimbun's headline on Lebanon reads as follows.

Lebanon, the "powder keg of the Middle East," continues to experience a sluggish economy despite signs of political reform, and its citizens lament that their currency is as good as scrap paper.

In an interview with a former Lebanese government official with the host of the BBC Radio program "Hard Talk," I listened to the other day, the former said that Lebanon still has not had a president for over a year and a half, corruption is rampant, and the economy is in ruins in their country.

The current situation in Lebanon may make sense if we understand that the country has deep ties to Carlos Ghosn. However, it seems that Lebanon is not much more lenient with the criminal Carlos Ghosn either now. (See attached Nikkei article.)

Japan, licked by Carlos Ghosn, will be in trouble if it continues its decades-long economic and technological slump further into the future.