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146番目のメンバー登録者はフランス・パリ在住者  The 146th member registered is a resident of Paris, France


  英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本 


 テレビで紹介 (5







I am currently presiding the following two English-related volunteer activities

  Eiken Level 1 (& equivalent) Qualified Persons Network in Japan 

Since 2014, more than 140 registered members, online monthly meetings,

 Featured on TV (5 min) 

  Onomichi Free English Conversation Dojo (Workshop) 

Since 1980s, 44 years old this year, 3 native English speakers participating, 4 online meetings a month

I have recently been contacted by a qualified person living in Paris who wishes to join the former, Eiken Level 1 (& equivalent) Qualified Persons Network through my website (, and registration for her has been completed. She has lived abroad in English and French speaking countries for a long time and been a popular instructor on a certain online English conversation site.

Coincidentally, this new member's root is in Onomichi, about a 5-minute drive from my home.


In the future as well, this network will promote more international exchange of information and mutual understanding.