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巣立ち、シジュウカラ日記(5) 2024 Leaving the nest, titmouse Diary (5) 2024







The chicks were born around Thursday, April 25, and about two weeks later, on Saturday, May 11, all eight left the nest in about an hour while the parents encouraged them and watched over them.

The parent birds have been hard at work since early in the morning after 5:00 a.m. feeding their chicks, which are growing more and more appetizing day by day. Of course, this is regardless of rainy weather.

The chicks' excrement is carried far away and discarded by the parent birds. This is to keep the nest clean, to prevent the chicks from getting sick, and to prevent them from becoming victims of snakes, cats and so on.

I had been observing them through a window about 3 meters away almost every day for the past two months this year as well, so I am a little sad that I will not be able to see them anymore.

I am sure they will return to us next year in good health.

A series of records will be compiled into a video, which will be available soon.