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息子の中学同窓会 Our son's junior high school reunion


35年前というと、私は英語塾(KEC英語教室、1977 – 199013年間、添付写真参照)を営んでおり、息子の同級生の何人かは英語学習の支援をさせてもらいました。




Our son, who had returned home with his family from Chiba over the holidays, attended his 35-year reunion after their graduation.

Thirty-five years ago, I was running an English cram school (KEC English School, 13 years from 1977 - 1990, see the attached photo) and was able to help some of my son's classmates learn English.

I am happy that they still remember me even now, and they asked my son at the reunion if I am doing well.

I appreciate their memory and I also have remembered those days fondly, and the attached photos in a list shows my work and activities since then.