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レコードコンサート in 浄泉寺 Record Concert in Josenji Temple



次回、三回目のコンサートが尾道で行われる時には、私は「アランフェス協奏曲/ギター、N.イエペス」のレコードとCDを持参致します。N. イエペスの国内コンサートは3回(京都、福山)聴きました。好きなクラシックギタリストの一人ですので、彼が逝去した翌日にはローカルFM局のパーソナリティーをしており、追悼曲を流しました。



最も視聴数が多い曲が「夜霧のしのび逢い(La Playa)」、


On Saturday the 27th, the first day of the consecutive holidays, we enjoyed a two-and-a-half-hour record concert on a Technics ultra-luxury audio system (price, about 10 million yen, in the precincts of Josenji Temple, where my family has been a parishioner.

Many people in the city brought their own records to the concert, as they were able to play those records brought by the audience.

When the third concert is to be held in Onomichi next time, I will bring the record and CD of “Aranjuez Concerto / Guitar, N. Yepez”. I have listened to N. Yepez three times in Japan (Kyoto and Fukuyama). Since he is one of my favorite classical guitarists, I aired his memorial piece on the day he passed away, when I was a personality on a local FM station.

In fact, my most favorite classical guitarist now is Kyuhee Park, and I will be going to her concert in Mihara City next month in June. One of my favorite things to do is to practice playing “Memories of the Alhambra” with her listening to her recorded performance of it.

I like to play classical guitar and enjoy uploading my performances to You Tube.

The most viewed song is “Yogiri no Shinobiai (La Playa),”,

The song I want people to know about Onomichi by is “Sunflower (Sunflower)”,