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車内ベッド作り Making a bed in the car




そこで、車内で使える折りたたみ式・脱着可能ベッド(28mm構造用合板使用、190cm x 70 cm、周囲はアルミ板張り)を作りました。必要に応じて、車床との2段ベッドにもできます。クッションは不要になった厚めの座布団4枚です。

Our current Step Wagon was purchased with the intention of short overnight trips and emergency shelter.

Including the portable power supply we purchased the other day, it is also meant to be prepared for the possible earthquakes that will continue to occur in various parts of Japan.

When going on a multi-day trip by car, my needs include an electrically power assisted bicycle, a guitar and a portable power supply (storage battery) in addition to the usual travel supplies.

Therefore, I made a foldable and removable bed (made of 28 mm structural plywood, 190 cm x 70 cm, with an aluminum plate around the perimeter) that can be used in the car. If necessary, the bed can be made into a bunk bed with the car floor. The cushions are four thick cushions that are no longer needed.