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シジュウカラ日記(4) 2024、ヒナ誕生・給餌 Titmouse Diary (4) 2024, chick birth and feeding







After confirming small eggs in the nest on Sunday the 14th, 10 to 12 chicks were born about 10 days later on Thursday the 25th.

At first, only the male fed the chicks with small pieces of food, and when all the chicks were born, the two parent birds take turns bringing in the food and feeding it to the chicks every five minutes or so.

The number of feedings and the size of the foods increase daily, keeping the parents busy for a few weeks.

The parent birds are busy raising birds from early morning today as well.

This sequence of events by the tit pair is truly impressive and worth observing without disturbing them.

Once they leave the nest, I will again make a video of them, as I did last year.