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毎朝のNHK「ラジオ英会話」口語英作文 Colloquial English composition every morning at NHK "Radio English Conversation" programs





"English grammar is the absolute foundation for conversational fluency." are the first words of "Radio English Conversation" instructor Onishi at the beginning of the first program on April 1. (Listen to the attached audio.)

I also believe that non-native English speakers cannot have a good conversation without solid English grammar skills to be trusted and understood.

Every time before the end of the program, the instructor gives us a few spoken English compositions that we have to answer instantly, which can be a great mental exercise, a wake-up call, and a practical tool.

As always, I do not purchase the textbook for the course this year, but concentrate only on the sounds of the lectures by our ears and mouth, not by eyes using hands to write down the whole skits in English within the 15 minute-programs. Writing down or make the skit is useful for checking my weak points. This is my way for many years.