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バラが咲いた  Roses in bloom


フルートとギターの小グループF2G(エフーツージー、フルート by R. 板原、ギター by 和田、釜本)として演奏を重ねていましたが、フルート担当の女性がオカリナ演奏も上手ということで、この曲は楽器をオカリナに持ち替えて、2013年のひまわり音楽祭で披露しました。


This is a hit song by Mike Maki.

We had been performing as a small group of a flutist and 2 guitarists named F2G Flute by R. Itahara and Guitars by Wada and Kamamoto).

Since the lady in charge of playing the flute was also a good ocarina player, she switched her instrument to ocarina for this song and performed it at the 2013 Himawari Music Festival.

Just for your information, Fukuyama City, a town next to Onomichi City, where I live, is famous for its roses.