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災害停電時の非常用電源 Emergency power supply when we have the disaster power outages






In Japan, where disasters occur frequently, it is necessary to be prepared for any eventuality, such as power outages and water outages.

We have been considering whether to use a generator or a storage battery as an alternative power source during power outages, and we have recently purchased a small portable power supply (2KW rated capacity) battery that can generate 20Wh electricity and store it.

They say that most electrical appliances can be used with this power supplier, but we will test to see what kind of appliances can actually be used and for how long.

We have already installed a power receiving circuit from a generator in our house in addition to the regular power receiving circuit, but we have not purchased a generator yet.

Four or five years ago, when a torrential downpour hit Onomichi, we had our water cut off for a long time. At that time, we used water from my parents' well and heated it for bath water with solar light using a black vinyl sheet.