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視聴数3.6万(36,000)回 Viewed 36,000 (36,000) times







La Playa (Secret meeting in the night fog)/ YouTube:

I created my You Tube account ( 14 years ago in 2010.

And it was 11 years ago in 2013 that I uploaded this music for the first time as my solo guitar performance, which has now been viewed over 36,000 times. Adding the 27,000 views of the same for karaoke, that number in total reaches 63,000.

In terms of a day, this means that this music video is viewed around 16 times a day by someone somewhere.

For amateurs, I do not think that the number of viewings on YouTube exceeds 10,000 in few cases so that I really appreciate the viewers for it.

As for non-music related content of mine, the interview I got on NHK ( has been viewed about 8,300 times now.