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インターネット出版(無料配信)の20年 20 years of internet publishing (free distribution)








Currently, from July 2022, I am distributing a book titled "Trajectory of Energy Conservation Grand Prize-winning Electricity Saving Technology Development" in Japanese and English on the website "note" once a week for free over the Internet.

The impetus for writing the content distributed online came from the editorial director of the second editorial department of Kyobunsha, a publishing company in Akasaka, Tokyo, who said, "There are not many good books these days, so please write whatever you like about the power-saving technology you have developed. " That is what he told me.

Later, at the company in Akasaka, I had them look at the index of contents (see attached photo) of what I actually wanted to write and then started writing at once.

The contents of the 700-odd pages of 400-character manuscript paper that I finished writing in a few months were (and are) published free of charge in the following ways.

(1) In 2003, I published it on the Internet (in Japanese only, free of charge) using my own website, which I had already established. About 1,000 people who wanted to read the book downloaded it via the Internet.

(2) From June 19, 2019, I published it on the website STORYS (, first in Japanese and then in English, over a period of about 2 years. We received about 400 hits a day at the most, and even now we continue to receive about 200 hits every day.

(3) Starting in July 2022, I have been now uploading it in a series of articles in both Japanese and English on the NOTE site ( The first content is posted on the following website.