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横断歩道、交通事故 Traffic accidents at crosswalk





Since the beginning of this year of 2024, there have been a number of traffic fatalities involving elderly people in Hiroshima Prefecture. (Number of fatalities in traffic accidents: 16, including 9 elderly: as of February 26, 2024)

The number of traffic fatalities in Hiroshima Prefecture peaked at 519 around 1970, and has been on a downward trend for the past 30 years since the early 1990s, but it increased last year in 2023 from the before last year in 2022 by 4 (from 74 to 78). Most of 78 traffic fatalities occurred while crossing at pedestrian crossings.

The pedestrian crossing overlooked from our house has recently been beautifully repainted white. It will be clearly recognizable from cars and will be useful for traffic safety.

The graph in the photo shows the transition of traffic accidents in Hiroshima Prefecture.