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ホームページ経由の連絡、続く  Continued contacts via OFFICE KTK website


1.  Sさん(女性)、神奈川県;2つの大学で英語教師、薬剤師、英検1

2.  Sさん(男性)、千葉県;高校英語教師、全国通訳ガイド(英語)、起業準備中

3.  Fさん(男性)、東京都:電気メーカー勤務、ソフトウェア設計、英検1

4.  Yさん(男性)、岐阜県:中学社会科教師、英検1級、市国際交流協会メンバー





Last month of February alone, the following 4 qualified people contacted me via the KTK Office ( website.

1. Ms. S (female) in Kanagawa Prefecture; an English teacher at 2 universities, a pharmacist, EIKEN Level 1 qualified

2. Mr. S (male) in Chiba Prefecture; a high school English teacher, a national interpreter guide (English), preparing to start his own business

3. Mr. F (male) in Tokyo; a software designer & developer for a major electronical company, EIKEN Level 1 qualified

4. Mr. Y(male) in Gifu; a junior high school social study teacher, EIKEN Level 1 qualified, a municipal international exchange association member

They contacted me in the hope of receiving assistance in being registering as Eiken interview examiners.

To date, more than 140 people have been registered as Eiken interview examiners throughout Japan through our free support as shown in the attached picture.

We will continue to provide this volunteer support in the 2024 academic year and beyond to ensure that qualified individuals in a wide range of fields are appointed as interview examiners (examiners) to promote the use of practical English.

Although it is via the Internet, I am very happy to make new contacts with people who share the same interests every month and exchange a variety of information with them.