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譜面台上のギター曲  Guitar music sheets on my music stand




1.  モーツアルトのセレナード:


2.  マンシーニのひまわり:




I usually have more than 20 music sheets on my music stand at any given time.

They are various genres such as classical, Japanese enka, popular, etc., and various performance styles such as solo, duet, concerto, and accompaniment.

The newest one is "Mozart's Serenade" and "Mancini's Sunflowers".

The former one is an excerpt from the second movement of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" arranged for solo classical guitar, and the latter one is one of Henry Mancini's theme music pieces, which was for the 1970 movie starring Sophia Loren, arranged for guitar solo performance.

Both performances linked above are by professional guitarists, from which I can learn.


I don't practice all of these music pieces every day; at most I should be able to do four or five.