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ギター演奏用オーケストラ伴奏音源制作 Orchestral accompaniment sound source production for guitar performance







In a survey conducted a few years ago in 2021, this song of "Cyclamen no Kahori (Fragrance of Cyclamen)" was ranked first among the many songs composed by Mr. Kei Ogura that the people wanted to listen to.

I then transposed the key of the karaoke sound sources on the Internet to match the score of "Cyclamen no Kahori (Fragrance of Cyclamen)" that I own, and deleted the vocals, making three types of orchestral accompaniment sound sources with some pictures of Onomichi for solo music instrument performance.

Furthermore, "Boyhood" (see photo), the 6th most popular song on my YouTube video site (, is also an orchestral accompaniment piece that I transposed to match the key of the score I have (https://

What the two songs have in common is the heavy use of sixteenth notes and their many dotted notes, which makes performers play them with difficulties.