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乳 歯 Milk (baby) teeth


私が小さい頃は、「 永久歯が上下それぞれまっすぐに丈夫に生えてくれるよう、下の乳歯は屋根の上へ放り投げ、上の歯は縁の下へ放り投げる」 というのが風習でした。




Milk (baby) teeth:

The other day, we bought our grandchildren small boxes to store their baby teeth (tooth fairy boxes, see the picture).

When I was a child, it was customary to "throw the lower baby teeth up on the roof and the upper teeth down under the veranda so that the permanent teeth would grow strong straightly upwards and downwards respectively.

I wonder what children now living in high-rise apartments would do these days, but the situation seems to have changed recently.

In Japan, it is said that missing teeth should be quickly rinsed with water to remove any moisture and stored in a wooden box made of paulownia wood (see photo), which has antibacterial properties and is resistant to humidity.


In Europe and the United States, a different custom is to keep them under the pillow, where they can be changed to money.