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日本停滞30年の原因  Causes of 30 Years long Japanese Stagnation








Causes of 30 Years long Japanese Stagnation:

Japan's lost 30 years are still continuing.

This year, Japan will be overtaken by Germany in GDP and fall to 4th place in the world.

After many events reach their peaks, they usually follow a downward path.

The slower the slope of the descent, the better, but Japan has been rolling downhill for the last 30 years since right after it was said to be the best country in the world.

The causes are,

(1) Population decline and aging, (2) bad debt problem, (3) long-term deflation, and (4) changes in industrial structure, (5) lack of foresight, ignorance, and negligence on the part of the government and politicians, (6) many of us Japanese, led by those in the business world, have become intoxicated with success stories and lost the attitude of making efforts.


Even if we can turn to a counteroffensive, it will take at least the same amount of time as the lost 30 years.