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今年2024年の最初のギター演奏  The first guitar performance of this year 2024:

準備し、演奏した曲は先ず、以下のNo.1 ~ No.4の4曲で、アンコール曲がNo.5とNo.6、合計6曲でした。
Due to the cancellation of the regular meeting scheduled for January 20, the first performance of the year was a week later at another meeting on January 27.
The first four pieces I prepared and played were No.1 through No.4 below, with encores No.5 and No.6.
After my scheduled performance, I unexpectedly received an encore to play " Recuerdos De La Alhambra (Memories of the Alhambra)," a popular classical piece for guitar, which I can play by heart.
This is a piece that most professional guitarists can play and is often encored.
Some of the audience may be familiar with the instrument or the piece, so it is necessary to be well prepared when playing it even as an amateur.
In commemoration of this performance (?), the videos below I hurriedly created, " Bride of the Seto " and "Hometown," have been made with Onomichi in mind using many pictures of Onomichi.
1. 悲しい酒 Sad Sake (ハーモニカ奏者との協奏、4分7秒) (カラオケ用ギター伴奏演奏、3分41秒)
2. 瀬戸の花嫁 Bride of the Seto Inland Sea (フルート奏者との協奏、3分35秒)
3. 禁じられた遊び(ギターソロ) Forbidden Play (ソロ、3分14秒、2018年)ソロ、3分57秒、前奏、トレモロ演奏付)
4. 故郷(ギターソロ&三重奏伴奏、参加者合唱)Hometownソロ、2分34秒)
5. アルハンブラの思い出  Recuerdos De La Alhambra (ソロ、2分19秒、2019年)
6. 月 光  Moonlight (ソロ、2分45秒、2023年) (一人二重奏、2分34秒、2013年)