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若者の転職 Young people changing jobs







This was reported on NHK the other day on January 25.

It is said that young people are becoming less outward-looking and proactive, such as in studying abroad, but their attitude toward challenging new jobs in terms of improving their skills seems to be improving.

Our thinking way and work environments are certainly changing with the times.

It may be an unfounded fear of an older person like me to think that changing jobs is risky and that it is better to prepare for at least a few years.

I am one of those who changed careers (and started my own business) at the age of 29, but I spent more than 5 years of preparation.

Thanks to that old experience, when I was asked for advice on starting their own business or changing careers, I was more likely to ask about their preparation status and the reasons for it, often telling them to stay as they had been.