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1月のホームページ更新  Web site updates in January




1.  トップページでの新年の挨拶 

2. 化学関係ページでの繊維加工、高分子合成、野菜・魚の鮮度保持に関する情報の日英記述

2.  更に、英会話のPRを無料掲載してもらい、昨年度は一年を通じて毎月、尾道地区のアクセスランキングではトップだったエキテンのページも更新しました。

This should be done as often as possible.

Every year, in January, we perform the first check and update, deleting or hiding unnecessary information, correcting mistakes, and adding information.

This time, the following two have been finished.

1.  New year's greeting on the top page.

2.  Information descriptions on fiber processing, polymer synthesis, and keeping vegetables and fish fresh in the chemistry-related pages both in Japanese and in English on the same page.

Furthermore, our Ekiten page where we have had our Eikaiwa PR posted free of charge, which had the top access ranking in the Onomichi area every month throughout the last year, has also been updated.