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観察 Observation


省エネ大賞受賞技術開発の軌跡 (37)

2章 誰でもできる発見や発明

2.1 細かな観察


Trajectory of Energy Conservation Grand Prize-winning Technology Development (37)

Chapter 2 Discoveries and Inventions That Anyone Can Make

2.1 Detailed observation



The attached photo shows a facsimile machine (manufactured by Ricoh, with standby power consumption of 24 watts per hour), which was the trigger for the development of the power-saving device. The development of the technology was based on detailed observations of how big the power consumption of this facsimile machine in standby mode was and of its movements during communication (receiving and transmitting documents), which realized the stand-by electricity saving as much as 99% (1994).




This series of posts began in July 2022, and previous contents can be freely read at the above written website.