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舟唄と舟歌  Funauta and Barcarole






"Funauta" is one of the best-known songs by the late Aki Yashiro, who passed away the other day, while " Barcarole " is one of the most famous classical guitar music pieces.

I hurriedly uploaded Ms. Yashiro's Funauta yesterday at the following site, which had been recorded in 2014 by "Sora ", of which I was one of the 5 members (4 min. 23 sec.).

On the other hand, the classic guitar music of Barcarole was uploaded on You Tube in 2013 with my solo performance at the following site (2 min. 8 sec.). 

They are pronounced the same “fu-na-u-ta” in Japanese. but naturally, they have different atmospheres from each other.

In addition, Aki Yashiro’s Funauta is also available arranged in the key of the sheet music we played this time so that it can be played karaoke on music instruments such as guitar, flute, harmonica and so on.