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1月の予定、ギター音楽  Plans for January, Guitar Music







In December, I received a call from an elementary school classmate.

He said he had seen an article about me in the local newspaper, and the content of the call was a request for me to play guitar at their meeting & get-together (about 40 people) scheduled for this January.

Of course, I agreed to it, and together with the people involved, I will check the venue and the sound system and rehearse for about 2 hours tomorrow.

The music I am planning to play are: 1. Sad Sake (with a harmonica player), 2. Bride of the Seto (with a flute player and a chorus by the participants), 3. Forbidden Play (a guitar solo), 4. Malaguena (a guitar solo), 5. Hometown (a guitar with chorus by the participants).  They are all different from each other in accordance with the age range of the attendees.

There will also be another performance at the monthly meeting in January, so I will be performing twice a month.

Furthermore, the first three pieces to be recorded this year are 1. Imagine (John Lennon, guitar solo with piano accompaniment), 2. Mozart's Serenade (Mozart, guitar solo), and 3. Top of the World (The Carpenters, guitar duet).