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アメージング・グレース2023  Amazing Grace 2023




イギリスの牧師ジョン・ニュートン (John Newton,1725–1807)の作詞による賛美歌で、作曲者不詳のために民謡と紹介されている場合もあります。



Amazing Grace 2023, Guitar Music for November/December (2):

It is one of the most adored and beloved songs, especially in the United States, and is even referred to as "the second national anthem.

This is one of the Christian hymns, and its meaning is "wonderful grace of God.

It is a hymn written by John Newton (1725-1807), an English pastor, and is sometimes referred to as a folk song because the composer is unknown.

This piece follows the recently introduced "Ave Maria" (, which is a solo guitar piece, but with guitar accompaniment (triple ensemble performance by Guitar club of Waseda University High School).

This edition of 2023 (4 min. 30 sec.) includes some pictures of the religious nuances, which is followed by the latter part including scenes from the itinerary of a trip to the Goto Islands in November.