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Responding to patent consultation requests:

I recently received a request through an acquaintance for a consultation regarding a technology patent application.

Since I am not a patent attorney, what I could do was only to inform him that the following procedures and costs are required to apply for a technology patent within the scope of my knowledge gained through the following two experiences of my own.

A: My experience of improving and developing technologies and drafting patent applications when I was a researcher in a company, and through

B: My experience of developing power-saving technologies and obtaining the patent for it after applying for the patent myself after I became independent.

The following steps and costs are required to apply for a technology patent.

(1) In the case of a technology patent, the invention must be novel, with prototypes and data available, and the same results must be obtained even if a third party conducts a trace experiment, which is very different from a business idea model patent.

(2) The patent application documents can be prepared by the inventor himself/herself or through a patent attorney and filed with the Patent Office, but this is not an easy task for the inventor as a layman not a patent lawyer.

(3) The application cost varies depending on the number of claimed items.

(4) A lot of time, energy, and money are required before a patent is granted, as it is necessary to disprove claims and denials made by other companies (or persons).

(5) If a patent is granted by a lucky break, annual patent maintenance fees are required.

(6) Patent does not necessarily mean profit. In fact, the opposite is true in many cases.

It is clear from the world of the last few decades that the establishment and management of intellectual property has a significant impact on the future of countries, companies, and the lives of individuals.