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日本の勤労感謝の日、アメリカの感謝祭  Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan and Thanksgiving Day in the United States





Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan and Thanksgiving Day in the United States:

Both are holidays, and are observed on November 23 in Japan and the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

This year, 2023, is coincidentally the same day, on the same day of the week.

The Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Day, which now seems to be a day to thank one another for the hard work and production that support our lives, is said to have its origins in the Niinamesai Festival, which celebrated the autumn harvest in ancient times. In this respect, it is similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S., which originated as a celebration of the harvest by pilgrims.

While Japan's Labor Thanksgiving Day does not have the festive or eventful atmosphere,"  "Thanksgiving in the U.S. is celebrated with a big Thanksgiving dinner, where everyone gathers around a big dinner table. Many cities and towns also hold parades.