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海外での病気、けがと高額医療費支払いの例  An example of illness or injury and high medical payments abroad







This is one of the topics discussed at a special English study meeting held in the week before last.

There is possibility of illness or injury while working or traveling overseas, so you need to be prepared and careful.

I know of a case in the U.S. where a Japanese person became ill, had one leg amputated, and eventually died, and received medical bills totaling approximately 200 million yen from multiple hospitals.

In this case, a medical bill collection agent commissioned by the hospital come to the family of the deceased and the deceased's company had in Japan.

After about a year of negotiations with them through me, we agreed to reduce the medical expenses to an amount that the surviving family could afford.

The key words to such negotiations are sincerity, t_______, facts, w_______ and so on.

What do you think they are?