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マラゲーニャ Malagueña







I am currently practicing two types of Malagueña music, solo and duet and the former is very similar to the one at the above written address. (It is not of my own playing.)

Malagueña is a traditional flamenco dance and dance music from the Malaga region of Spain.

It is in triple time with guitar accompaniment, and the rhythm may be slowed or sped up.

The guitar accompaniment is based on the "mi" note, and because of the freedom of the rhythm, the guitar is also able to express the richness and complexity of the Malagueña's melody.

The guitar in Malagueña is played at a reduced speed, holding the notes well. This makes it a very expressive piece.

It is also fun to enjoy guitar music by combining various genres of music with various instruments, using the guitar as the main instrument.