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閉会の歌、「今日の日はさようなら」斗Accompaniment playing on the guitar to the closing song "Good-bye for Today斗ギター伴奏演奏 






来年2024年からは「すばらしい明日」(作詞;塚田 茂、作曲;宮川 泰、歌;ダークダックス)という楽曲も閉会の歌に加えて、ギター伴奏したいと思っています。

This Japanese song was written and composed by Shoichi Kaneko in 1966, and became a hit and widely known the following year, 1967, when it was sung by Ryoko Moriyama.

It has gentle lyrics and an easy melody to sing.

When our son graduated from kindergarten, I happened to be the PTA president of the kindergarten, and I remember this song being played.

Now, since December 2021, I have been playing it at a monthly meeting for the elderly, sharing the meaning of "See you next time in good health," as the closing song of the meeting, with a guitar accompaniment to the karaoke source.

The accompaniment can be played with the four fingers of the right hand according to the mood of the moment, as in a waltz, or with other rhythms. Of course, it would also be possible to play arpeggios. It will also be possible to play by moving the index finger up and down like a pick.

Starting next year, 2024, I would like to add the song "Wonderful Tomorrow" to the closing song and accompany it on the guitar.