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いい日旅立ち   Leave for Happiness

ご存じのように、先日亡くなった谷村新司(1948 - 2023)さんのヒット曲の一つです。

この曲の出だしの音階コードはクラシックギター曲「月光」(作曲者:F. ソル、1778 - 1839)と同じです(添付写真の赤丸印部分)が、このようなことはよくあることです。





なお、この曲「いい日旅立ち」の英訳は「Leave for Happiness」で、「幸せへの旅たち」という意味です。決して「死」を意味している訳ではありませんが、日本語のタイトルで死を想像する人もおり、演奏を遠慮した場所や時があったこともありました。


Leave for Happiness:

As you know, this is one of the hit songs by Shinji Tanimura (1948 - 2023), who passed away recently.

The scale chord at the beginning of this song is the same as the classical guitar piece "Moonlight" (composer: F. Sor, 1778 - 1839), which are circled in red in the attached photos, and this is often the case.

I have played both of these solo and uploaded them to the following YouTube websites


Leave for Happiness:  

Mr. Tanimura, like other musicians, has said that "music transcends national borders," and we can understand this from the fact that the above-mentioned scale and chord coincide with each other, which remain in people's hearts.

The English translation of the song "Ii Hi Tabidachi" is "Leave for Happiness," which means "journey to happiness. It does not mean "death" by any means, but there have been places and times when I have refrained from performing it because they imagined death in the Japanese title.

As a person who studied, though at different universities, in Kyoto at about the same time as Mr. Tanimura, and breathed the air of Kyoto, I hope to continue performing his music in the future as well.