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ウガンダの父  Father of Uganda








The attached photo shows Mr. Yuichi Kashiwada (Father of Uganda) as he was introduced in the "Hito" column of the national edition of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in November,2014.

I heard the sad news from a person who knew him well that he passed away the other day.

We pray for his soul rest in peace.

We met Mr. Kashiwada in Uganda when we participated in the 2008.09.08-16 joint government-private sector trade and investment promotion delegation to Africa at the request of President T, who has been doing business in Okayama and Shanghai, and met him again in Osaka after returning to Japan in December, 2008, when he gave us more knowledge on African business.

We were also interested to hear about his relationship with former Ugandan President Amin and their history in Uganda.

The foundation of Japan's internationalization was laid by the tireless efforts of private citizens like Mr. Kashiwada, not by politicians.