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楽譜読み込み・演奏ソフト  Computer Application for music sheet loading and performing











PlayScore2 is an application to read music sheet and play it with various instrumental sounds, and is available for a fee on a monthly basis.
I have tried this application for free for a week.

I used many guitar music scores I have kept to create sound files for duets or trios with piano, flute, clarinet, cello, etc.

The results of the trial are as follows.

1. Sound quality: The sounds of the prepared instruments are very different from the sounds of real instruments, and the sounds are poor, lacking depth and no appealing to the mind.

2. Reading ability: There are many misreading of notes and symbols such as repetitions in the score.

3. Musical sense: All of the produced music pieces are too accurate to the notes to listen to them a few times.

Therefore, I did not officially subscribe to this software.

There seems to be still much room for research and development in the use of AI in the music field.