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音楽の秋  Music season of Autumn







「マラゲーニャ」はラテン音楽の一つ、トリオ ロス パンチェスのヒット曲の一つです。



Music season of Autumn:

My recent 3 practicing music pieces have been "White Lovers", “Plein Soleil” and “Malagueña”:

The music of "White Lovers" was composed by Francis Ray for a documentary film of the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France (February 6 to 18, 1968).

I am now practicing this with a piano accompaniment so that I can play it as a duet.

The translation of the original French title (13 Jours en France) is "13 Days in France," but the Japanese music related people translated it into "White Lovers" because of its beautiful melody impression.

“Plein Soleil” is a 1960 French-Italian crime film.

The music is by Nino Rota, whose theme song became famous. The main actor is Alain Delon, who became an international star in this film.

“Malagueña" is one of the hits of Trio Los Panches, a Latin music group.

It uses rasgueados and tamboras, techniques not often used in classical guitar music, and is sonically a gorgeous piece of music, including melody and volume.

For the third week in a row, I am posting music-related contents this week as well.