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秋にふさわしい曲(1)、ギター3重奏合奏曲 Music for Autumn (1), Guitar Trio Ensemble






Music for Autumn (1), Guitar Trio Ensemble:

Schubert's Serenade (3 min. 42 sec.)

A serenade is a genre of music that refers to a piece of music played at night for a lover under a window, or some such scene.

Many musicians have composed serenades, and the one I introduce today is by F. Schubert.

It is one of the pieces that we performed as a guitar trio when I was a member of "Sora," a small guitar group of five members.

The video has been viewed at an exceptionally fast pace since the day it was uploaded.


This performance has been viewed at an unusually fast pace from the other day, the day it was uploaded for the guitar ones I am involved with.