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ブルーゾーン、健康と長寿の秘訣 Blue Zones, Secrets of Health and Longevity








Areas with high concentrations of people with longevity are described in English as Blue Zones.

I remember Tachibana district of Mukaishima in Onomichi used to be the longest-lived village in Japan.

Every year around Respect-for-the-Aged Day in September in Japan, 100-year-olds and demographics are in the news and this year, I learned on the news that there are more than 200 centenarians in our city of Onomichi, which has a population of just over 130,000.

The other day, a surgeon friend of mine living in the United States introduced me to a book called "Blue Zones," which is a bestseller there and has been translated into Japanese.

The author is Mr. Dan Buittner. (

He covers five Blue Zone regions around the world including Okinawa.


The book describes nine rules as secrets to health and longevity learned from centenarians around the world, which are not the ones non-factual, biased, uncertain, and hurtful to others that can be found on social networking sites.